Kirsten Kohlhaw, Business Model Coach, interviewing Andreas Pirscher

25.02.2021 The questions were asked by Kirsten Kohlhaw, Business Model Coach: Interview with Andreas Pirscher, CEO of FlowRow GmbH Andreas, two years ago you left your career as a senior engineer and created a real product innovation with the

FlowRow Review – What Our First Customer in the USA Says?

By Andreas Pirscher, 22.02.2021 Isn’t this nice? A WaterRower made from natural wood on a FlowRow Board made from oak. It was quite an effort to prepare the FlowRow online shop for shipping to the USA. The adaptation of all

How to Find Perfect Difficulty Level for your FlowRow Board?

By Andreas Pirscher, 21.02.2021 Why does the FlowRow Board come in different difficulty levels at all? Could not everyone train with the same level of difficulty? In sport we distinguish between external load and perceived exertion. The external load is

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