FlowRow® Classses

The most complete full-body workout combining cardio, strength, coordination, body awareness and fun

FlowRow Classes 

  • for everybody who likes flowing & dynamic movements
  • for everybody who wants to train cardio, strength and coordination
  • for everybody who wants to train their deep muscles
  • for everybody who likes painless movements to the great music
  • for everybody who is looking for varied training with fun



FlowRow Board – patent pending

The indoor rowing revolution

  • for everybody who is sick of boring ergo training
  • for everybody who wants to upgrade their existing rowing machine to a racing scull
  • for everybody who wants to train cardio & deep muscles at the same time
  • for everybody who likes innovative exercises with fun

You will find plenty of exercises for your FlowRow Board in the FlowRow App

The FlowRow App

Be inspired, have fun, improve your fitness and rowing technique.
The app can be used with or without FlowRow Board.

Find new and inspiring exercises and workouts that will make your indoor rowing training more fun and more effective

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The exercises are designed such that you will improve your endurance, your strength, your coordination, your balancing system and your rowing technique

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Test the app with free exercises and rowing technique tips or start a 7 days trial subscription

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The FlowRow App

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Take your indoor rowing training to the next level.

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FlowRow App

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