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Positive Reputation of Rowing

Most people admire rowing and rowers. The sport has a positive image. Your members are therefore testing the rowing machines in your studio. They find out how complex and difficult rowing is. They feel uncertain and often give up after a short time.  Your members need help to learn and enjoy rowing.

The FlowRow Choreography

is designed for quick, playful and painless learning of rowing. After only one FlowRow lesson your customers will experience already the joy of rowing. Every FlowRow program consists of six blocks: (1) Warm-up / (2) Core Strength / (3) Coordination / (4) Flow / (5) Dynamics / (6) Cool-down & Stretching. Every three months you will receive a complete new FlowRow choreography with new music and new exercises.

New group fitness participants

FlowRow is a new program and it is different from existing group fitness programs. The already running classes have shown that FlowRow attracts members that have not yet participated in group fitness classes. You will therefore get new members.

Retain members with FlowRow

FlowRow is a great experience for curious fitness enthusiasts that want to try something new. FlowRow is the complete program combining a wide range of different dimensions:

  • People who like full body workouts (e.g. Pump) will like FlowRow
  • People who like rhythm and movement (e.g. Aerobic, Dance, Zumba) will like FlowRow
  • People who like body and mind experiences (e.g. Pilates) will like FlowRow
  • People who like dynamic movement (e.g. Spinning) will like FlowRow
  • People who like functional training (e.g. TRX) will like FlowRow
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Find out more about the benefits of FlowRow classes for your studio. Ask for a FlowRow demo in your studio.

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