Shipping time

Switzerland: about 2-3 working days

Germany: about 2-3 working days

Other EU countries: about 3-7 working days

Norway, UK: about 7 working days

US, Canada: about 7 working days

Australia: 40-50 days 

Shipping costs

Switzerland: 7 CHF

Germany: 6 €

Other EU countries: 14 €

UK: 20 €

Norway: 30 €

US/Canada: 44 USD

Australia: 60 €

Free shipping Switzerland / EU from a value of goods of: 220 CHF / 200 €

Tax / VAT (only for countries outside Switzerland and the EU)

If you order for shipping to countries outside Switzerland and the EU, we do not charge any VAT or customs duties. Therefore we charge you the net price. However, import fees may apply based on the laws of your destination country. The import fees will be invoiced by the shipping company (normally UPS).

The import fees consist of the import sales tax, which is usually equal to the VAT rate of your destination country, and possibly an additional customs duty and/or handling fee.

A few examples: If you order from the USA, you will not normally have to pay import duties. The price you pay in our online shop is the final price for you. If you order from the UK, the import tax is 20% of the price you pay in our online store plus a customs and handling fee, which is approximately £12 (for a FlowRow Board).

As the customs or tax rate and the handling fee can change, we do not guarantee the amount of the fees you have to pay directly to the shipping company.

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