FlowRow Board for Life Fitness Row HX with 1 Difficulty Level

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The FlowRow Board gets you out of the ergo monotony. 🙂   This indoor rowing innovation brings the new dimension of a lateral tilting movement into your ergo training.

Please scroll down to see a table that will help you choose the difficulty that suits you. There you can also see for which rowing machines this FlowRow Board fits.


This is the indoor rowing innovation you’ve been waiting for. The FlowRow Board brings a new dimension to your ergo training with more fun, excitement and a huge effect on your deep core muscles. Your deep core muscles are the main structures that support, control and move your lower spine and pelvis. The training can therefore contribute to back pain prevention. With the FlowRow Board, you’ll be able to get the most out of your workouts and see results you never thought possible.

The FlowRow Board is a stylish accessory made from wood panels in highest quality. This board is available in the color black.

The FlowRow Board comes with two balance pedestals, dimensions 40 x 25 x 8,5 cm. You simply put the feet of your rowing machine on top of the pedestals to immediately start your FlowRow training.

You can order your tailored FlowRow board in the difficulty level exactly suitable for your balancing skills and your body weight. In the table below you find the difficulty level recommended for you. In case you want to share the Board with other people that have a very different body weight and / or very different balancing skills kindly send your requirements through the contact form. We will quickly recommend the best FlowRow Board for your requirements.

Included in delivery

Front FlowRow Board, rear FlowRow Board, rubber dampers, user manual

Applicable rowing machine

Life Fitness Row HX Trainer Rowing Machine

If your rowing machine is not listed in the shop, you can contact us at info@flowrow.fit.

FlowRow Board Difficulty Chart

FlowRow Board Video (explained for the WaterRower, but applicable to Life Fitness)

FlowRow Board for WaterRower Benefits and Handling (explained for the WaterRower, but applicable to Life Fitness)

Additional information
Weight 9.5 kg
Dimensions 44 × 29 × 23 cm

Black, Oak


Level 1 – Moderate, Level 2 – Training, Level 3 – Training Plus, Level 4 – Challenge, Level 5 – Pro, Level 6 – Ultra

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