Von Andreas Pirscher, 22.02.2021 

The first FlowRow Board in the USA

Schön: Ein WaterRower aus Naturholz auf einem FlowRow Board aus Eiche. 

Es war schon etwas Aufwand, den FlowRow Onlineshop für den Versand in die USA vorzubereiten. Die Anpassung aller rechtlichen Dokumente für den Markt in den USA und Kanada, die entsprechende Erweiterung der Shop-Seite und nicht zuletzt das Replacement Kits von der Konzeptphase in den validierten Status bringen.

Warum ist das Replacement Kit so wichtig für den Überseemarkt? Da die Versandkosten in die USA und nach Kanada recht hoch sind, macht es Sinn, nicht nur das FlowRow Board, sondern zusätzlich zwei Ersatzschwierigkeiten mitzuliefern, damit der Kunde eine gute Flexibilität hat und die Wackeligkeit des Boards ändern kann ohne viel Extrakosten.

Wir haben mit unserem Erstkunden den gesamten Bestell- und Versandprozess validiert.  

Schau, was Thos Lydon aus Alabama nach dem Auspacken und Testen des FlowRow Boards sagt:


I recently purchased a WaterRower.

In the past, going to gyms, that had rowers, I would use them. I came across the WaterRower on the internet and decided to get one. Rowing is a great exercise, except for making you balance the effort. The rowing machine sits flat on the floor, no balancing effort required. So I search for a “balancing” rower on the internet and came across the FlowRow Board. This really caught my interest, so I looked into the product. I decided to get one, and I was the first USA customer! Cool.

I have studied martial arts extensively (balance), I fly helicopters (balance). I am not a tight rope walker though, got a decent sense of balance. I am a novice rower, but have been balancing my whole life, and with my fitness efforts in the past realize that balance involves allot of connective tissues, small deep muscle, fine motor skills and is essential to fitness.

I ordered the “Oak Challenge” with a “replacement kit” that will allow me to adjust difficulty levels. I received the shipment in good order, easy ordering process and arrived undamaged and very well packed. The instructions are all very straight forward and well written, even with pictures!

The Oak Challenge board looks great with my natural wood rower, as if, they were meant to be together. The construction is solid, sound, well done. I put my rower up onto the platforms and WOW.

Natural wood WaterRower
Natural wood WaterRower with Oak FlowRow Board

My first rowing session was about 15 minutes. I am very proud of myself, because I did not fall off onto the floor! I had to slow down my strokes per minute. I started telling myself to not let the machine roll, but was rolling with each stroke. I stopped rowing and just sat on the machine with my legs straight and made the machine roll from side to side. This really engages the intercostal muscle(ribs), abductors, obliques and back. I started moving the seat back and forth with my legs without rowing. After about five minutes, I was fairly stable. So I started rowing about 15 strokes a minute, low power.

So go slow, easy and after fifteen minutes I was at 25 strokes a minute with the machine very stable, still rolling but smooth with rhythm, not rocking hard like at the beginning. When I stopped and stood up, closed my eyes, stood still, I could tell the difference in the torso that the balancing effort made. So rowing is said to involve about 85% of muscles and this raises that, very happy right now that I got this machine and the Board makes all the difference, for a more full effort that is natural and without impact.

This FlowRow Board completes my rower. The workout on this will be much more beneficial than with the machine sitting flat on the floor. Now I have to work this back to the power level in the stroke and not fall off! I have no back problems and good range of motion, though I believe, this would help improve both, if I did.

Recommend this product without reservation. „

Vielen Dank Thos für dieses fantastische Review!

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